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A colonial city in southern Mexico, Oaxaca is now known as a destination for artists and lovers of art from Mexico and beyond. 

There are store-front workshops of graphic artists and painters; there are galleries of contemporary and traditional art, and of course there are the traditional weavings and glorious pottery. 

Oaxaca is also known

for its gastronomy---

there is chocolately

molé sauce, picante

salsa; there are

multiple types of

mezcal to try. 

And fresh fruit.

Did we mention

the fresh fruit?

What makes Oaxaca Oaxaca is the people: warm, open-hearted, eager to help a tourist find the mercado or the zocolo. The people embody the warmth of the place.

Both of your teachers have traveled to Oaxaca many times, and we can help you find whatever you need there, whether it's a doctor or the best wine store in town.

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