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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've never written before. What if I don't have pages to send in for the workshop?

A. That's okay. The workshop is open to new writers, as well as established writers. We guarantee you'll come away with more ideas, more starts of stories, and a greater understanding of the writing process. 


We've found that every writer in a group benefits from participating in the critique; sometimes, you learn more from critiquing the work of others than from hearing criticism of your own writing. If time allows, new writers will be able to bring in something toward the end of the class for the group to read together. 

Q. Is the deposit refundable if I don't end up taking the course?

A. Partly. We ask for a $300 deposit to hold your spot. If you cancel by Sept. 1 and we're able to fill your spot, we can refund $200. 

Q. What day should I plan to arrive, and what day should I depart?

A. We're hosting you at the hotel for 9 nights, starting the night of Tuesday, January 7, through the night of Wednesday, January 15. The first day of workshop is January 8, and the last day is Wednesday,January 15. If you come only for the workshop, and don't want to extend your visit to Oaxaca, please book your flight to arrive January 7 and depart January 16 (that way you can catch the early flight on Thursday morning). If you want to extend, let us know.

Q. I've heard it's dangerous to travel in Mexico. How safe is Oaxaca?

A. Northern Mexico is where there are problems with drug-running. Oaxaca, especially Oaxaca City, is very safe; use the caution you would exercise anywhere (don't get drunk and have no way of getting home, don't carry big wads of cash, don't flash expensive jewelry or electronics). 

You do need to watch out for the threat of becoming addicted to Oaxacan chocolate.

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